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How To Self-Activate Your WiFi Cable Modem. A Few Simple Steps You Need To Follow.

Before we begin, let’s see the requirement types of things for this Activation process:

First, Do you have’s Username & Password? If Yes, then you don’t need the account number and phone number.

If No,

Then, there are three things you need:

  • Account Holder’s Name
  • Account Number
  • Phone Number

Notable Points:

  • Don’t use 3rd party routers. Make sure you connect it directly to your cable modem.
  • Make sure your laptop or pc is not using other DNS servers (Most of the time we use Google’s DNS). If you are not sure that your pc is using different DNS rather than Comcast, don’t worry you can simply reset it.
    (If you wish to reset it, follow these simple steps)

After this, I am 100% sure there will be no interruptions during this process.

Now, Installation Process by

  • First, connect your modem to the cable outlet.
  • It’s the time to connect your modem to the coaxial cable then turn on the modem.
  • Give some time to your modem for the green Led indication.

Here Are Simple 5 Steps For Self-Activation:

Step-1: After Solid green Light indication, Open any web browser you are familiar with, it doesn’t matter. Enter address in the address bar of the browser.

Step-2: Here you can see 2 fields which are asking for:

  • Account Number
  • Phone Number

Optionally, You can sign in directly into the Comcast account with your credentials.

Step-3: After Pressing Continue Button you will see another form with fields of “Username, Password, Confirm Password, Security Question, etc. ). Just, Set it up. Hardly it would take only 2 minutes of yours. After you done, hit the continue button.

Step-4: Now you can see some remote tests process and it comes up with a “connection established screen”.

Step-5: Hit continue and it will reboot your modem. After a couple of minutes, you will be online again and the LED light will turn into a green Light then there will be a final screen showing “your device is activated”.


In case, If you get any error there or any interruption during this process, just repeat these above 5 simple steps.

But, If it fails multiple times, then there must be some technical issue or like that. In that case, make a phone call to them and they will assist you.