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www.office.com/setup – Microsoft Office is the worldwide application which is use by the user as per their requirements.How we can setup and install/reinstall Microsoft Office on our computers or pc’s. Microsoft office 365 is the new version of the Microsoft office. There are several Microsoft offices like office Home and Student, Professional Office.


We are here to guide you with the  steps to setup and to install the Microsoft office.com/setup on your PC .

Here are the following steps to setup and install the Microsoft office setup are:

How to Download MS Office by www.office.com/setup?

  • Open browser 

Firstly open the Microsoft official Website by Typing the url www.office.com/setup in your web

browser address bar. You can go to the  website by using any web browser.

How to Create MS Office Account by www.office.com/setup?

  • Sign in to your Microsoft Office account

If you have the Microsoft office account then sign in with the account which you have or create a new account for installing the Microsoft office setup.

How do Enter Office Product Key by www.office.com/setup?

  • Enter the Office Product Key

After signing through the Microsoft account  you  will be provide with the microsoft office product key, Enter the office product key for installing the setup of the Microsoft office(www.office.com/setup).

  • Install and Download Office Setup

Then select install microsoft office .The downloading will get start. Once, the microsoft office download gets complete, Start the installation process afterwards.

  • Office is installed now

Once, The installation process is done you are all set to use the microsoft office.

By using the above steps we can install Microsoft Office on Windows Computer.

Some important points to remember while installing the office setup are:

  • The Microsoft Account can be used for relate Microsoft applications like outlook, Xbox,
  • OneDrive or Skype.
  • If you have redeemed your Microsoft Office Product key and you are not able to locate the office software then you can install the office directly from your Microsoft Office account.

How To Install Microsoft office on your Mac Computer

How to Install Microsoft Office on the Mac Pc. We can install the office setup on Mac by using 

These following steps:

  • Open the store

First visit the Mac store and search for the Microsoft office 365 or any other version of the Microsoft office.

  • Application download

Download the application and install it on your Mac Pc.

Enter the Item Key whenever it is inquire.

  • Signing in to your account

Sign in to your Office account and introduce the Microsoft office setup.Then you need to open My Account, Under your membership, Click Install. On the following window, Select introduce under the Install data.

  • Downloading of Office setup

This will start downloading your office setup. Whenever the Downloads gets finish, Open finder and go to downloads. Double tap the Office_365_Installer.Pkg and Now Proceed with the process.

  • Installing the Microsoft Office.

Enter your Mac secret Key and install the programming. Change the introduce area, Wherever you need at and then click on install.

 How to Reinstall Microsoft Office with myaccount

 You can reinstall the Microsoft Office by using the Following steps: 

For Office 365 Subscriptions: You can install Office (www.office.com/setup) on all of your devices, and at the same time you can enter into 5 devices. This allows you to enter into the multiple devices at the same time.

This is the latest version of the Microsoft Office with modifications and a good user interface.

For a one time Purchase of office like Professional office, Home & Student Office, Home and Business Office– You can only install Microsoft Office only in one PC but you might move to another computer which belongs to you. You cannot enter into multiple devices but you can move into another. It can only be installe on one pc.

When you are ready to reinstall the Microsoft Office, Register in at www.office.com/signin with the same Microsoft Office account which you are initially associated with whenever you first installed it on your device.

Problems faced during the installation of the Microsoft Office or while attempting to setup Office is: While installing of the Microsoft Office on your Personal computer you are encountered with the some problems, Try restarting  your computer and afterwards try to install the Microsoft office setup, if this does not work then try to uninstall the Microsoft Office and once the uninstallation of the office gets completed, Try to reinstall the Microsoft office.

We can not install some version of Microsoft office on the Computer system which are running on the windows like Vista or Windows XP:

You can not install 2013 or 2016 Microsoft office on the Computer system which are running on the windows like Vista or Xp as they do not meet the Microsoft Office requirements.trying to support the Microsoft office on the Computer system with an unsupportable OS will lead to an error. Your Computer might not meet the requirement which means we cannot install the entire desktop version of the Microsoft Office. You may try using the online for the working of the office through the web browser on your computer. 

Is Microsoft Office setup is available for free:

Microsoft is a premium application which is use worldwide by the people as per their requirements. A person should have a valid license to use the benefits of the Microsoft Office.com/setup. The only way in which a person can use the  Microsoft office for free is to use the office online otherwise a person needs to buy the Office for using its benefits.

The 365 version of the Microsoft Office is free for the students. Teachers and students from the selected institutions can use office 365 education for free. They can install and download the setup from the Official website www.office.com/setup of the Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Office 365 education includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and Microsoft Teams, And additional classroom tools. The students can use their valid email address to sign up and get start with the Microsoft Office for free.