TomTom Update | How to Update TomTom GPS Map

If you have been using the TomTom Navigation device or have recently installed it for the first time, then you will need to update the same. Updating your GPS on a regular basis helps the device to work accordingly. However, for each TomTom GPS update, you will need to pay some amount mentioned.

tomtom update

What is TomTom GPS?

TomTom is the leading GPS used by many people globally. Just like Google GPS system, it tracks the update of the traffic signals. Microsoft, FCA, and PSA use it for their mapping purpose. The GPS is kept updated on a regular basis to help drivers to have driven without any halt. There are different GPS systems for different vehicles. 

Car TomTom GPS

  • TomTom GO
  • TomTom GO Basic
  • TomTom GO Comfort
  • TomTom VIA
  • TomTom One
  • TomTom XL

Motorcycle GPS

  • TomTom Rider 500
  • TomTom Rider 550
  • Large Vehicle GPS
  • TomTom Trucker 600
  • TomTom Trucker 6000

How to get the TomTom Update?

To get the update of TomTom, you need to interface with PC. You will need to utilize USB to interface the gadget.

Select My Drive in the workstation.

  • Once the procedure of update begins, you will get to see there is various other updates accessible on your TomTom update gadget. 
  • You can select any of the updates, but look for the TomTom GPS update and start the procedure. 
  • You will get the options of Maps and Navigator refreshes. Download the Navigator maps from the outset and afterward move towards the displayed procedure. 

TomTom Maps Update

  • If you see there is a gadget map update, you need to refresh the gadget. You will need to download the update in the framework. Once the update downloaded, it remains in your drive. 
  • The process will take time to introduce the map on the gadget. You will need to begin the machine and check if the update works perfectly.
  • If there is buffering in the network then the process will take more time. 
  • You will need to restart the gadget and check if the update is done

Reason to do the TomTom update

As mentioned earlier, the pre-introduced guide in TomTom gets obsolete as the latest updates introduced. To keep things synchronized, you need to get the TomTom update.

All the TomTom GPS administrations are known for their accurate and best quality applications. Having the updated GPS version, you will get regular driving data and improve the general driving background.

If you are looking for an alternative GPS Company, then TomTom is the ideal option that comes into the mind. In the initial stage, TomTom was only used for business purposes. In the end, by 1996, the company introduced for cars and other divisions. Presently, the company operates its GPS network in more than 50 nations. Moreover, it has sold over 60 million route gadgets. Currently, the TomTom GPS update is present in over 2 million in-route hardware. 

Benefits of using TomTom HD Maps

One of the benefits of using the TomTom update is it gives the precise results of streets, 3D geometry Road figure and Lane stamping. New TomTom update can help in developing total route arrangements helping you to arrive at the goal in the defined time. Furthermore, it helps to wipes out the prerequisite to have an uninterrupted web network during travel.

How to use TomTom GPS?

If you have not used TomTom GPS, then below are the ways you can use it for driving purposes.

  • Install the TomTom GPS on your mobile and click on the search button. 
  • Enter the address you want to visit. The search result will give you suggestions. 
  • On the menu screen, click on the Current Route
  • On the menu screen, slide over once and the first icon that should come up is My Places
  • Here, you will have three options- Home, Recent Destinations, and marked locations 
  • Click on the blue Search button. Search for the address and click on the suggestion coming up. 

You can even add Favorite

You can add favorites by sliding the many screens where you will have My Place and click it. 

Here you will find an option that says Add to Marked Locations. Here, your address will be saved.  

In case, you find hard in TomTom Map update and even for GPS, then connect with the experts. They will help you in update with real-time assistance.