December 5, 2021

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Digital Parenting Tips to Protect Children Privacy on Social Media Apps

            Children are innocent due to their developing minds the instincts are not working due to growing ages. Social media has been spread all over mankind. It is a bitter truth that teenage children have to deal with social media. There is a good side and a bad side to social media. Everyone likes the good side. There is a lot of learning opportunity on the good side. But the bad side is so damaging that it can ruin the future of children.

            The greatest of the worries for the parents is to handle the kids in this social media-dominant era. Many social media giants are wandering around the online world. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, and Snapchat are some of these social media giants. Parents are always struggling to keep the children in line. To make them good citizens. To make them capable enough to compete in the fast-moving real world. But many aspects of social media are pulling teenagers backward. It is very hard for parents to keep the child’s privacy protected. Thus, the real fight is between parents and the Dark side of social media. The dark side of social media includes

  • Online dating
  • Showing explicit images.
  • Exposing personal photographs.
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Body shaming.

            These are the curses that leave a deep impact on the personality. These can deviate the kids from the path of success. To overtake the dark side of social media, parents have to make smart decisions. There are many ways in which parents can protect the social media privacy of their children.

  • Parents should talk to the children. A healthy conversation is always key to problem solving. Parents should talk to children in a friendly manner. They should give the children a complete vote of confidence.
  • Parents should keep an eye on the screen time of children. If it is exceeding a certain limit, then they must do something to reduce it.
  • Parents should use a tracking app to know about the whereabouts of children.

            A good tracking app allows the user to check the activities from the target phone. The social media apps can be under the radar using a mobile tracking app. The social media apps are running on a cell phone. But they can run on PCs also. A better app like TheOneSpy phone spyware is also capable of running on cell phones and PCs. It covers all operating systems like Android, IOS, and Windows.

Parents can sneak into the accounts of teenager’s social media apps to check if everything is OK or not. There are many online threats. Parents can stand guard against these threats. There are many features for social media monitoring. Parents can have access to chat messages. This can also safeguard the child from cyberbullying. The other bad habits, if any, will be visible to parents if they use a monitoring app.

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            The first-time user of such apps when they will visit the internet to get one. A little research will be helpful in this matter. Several spying apps claim themselves to be the best in the market. But most of the time it is not true. The user should compare the features, functionality, data privacy, and pricing. A wiser decision can make things easy for the user. Some of the applications like the TheOneSpy app also give a remote online web platform to users. This online web dashboard is the control and monitoring center of the app. The user can access audio and video recordings in this panel. Other useful information about the target device is also available in this panel.

Children are vulnerable to online threats. It is the responsibility of the parents to protect children from cyber threats. Children always need help from their parents. Parents have to find new ways of tackling the problems. Kids get enormous confidence when they find their family members stand with them. The monitoring app for social media platforms is a decent way to keep the children on the right path. This will reduce the risk of exposure to the bad side of social media. And kids can learn good things only