HP Printer Assistant for Windows 10

HP Printer Assistant is a Windows software program that is preinstalled in most computers for HP printers. Having HP assistant software helps in performing tasks including printing, scanning, ordering, checking ink levels, etc. It helps printers and computers to connect together. There are many times where users find performing printing tasks a bit difficult. This is when you will need to use HP printer assistant software.

HP Printer Assistant

Some of the Errors you will find using Printer

If you have upgraded your system with the new version of Windows, then there are certain errors you will face.

  • The printer setup opens up instead of the settings and tools
  • The printer icon is missing from the devices or printer folder
  • HP Printer offline error
  • This is when you will need to go for the HP Assistant download. It will help in using the printer with your system without any difficulty. 

Tips to Connect your Printer with Network

Start the computer and check out the Control Panel-Device and printers

  • Click Connect in New Printer
  • Turn off the printer by pressing the power button
  • Click on the End all Task on the computer and restart your computer
  • Go to the https://support.hp.com/in-en
  • Adding Network Printer for Windows 10-
  • To do this procedure, it will depend on the Windows version you use. For Windows 10 OS-
  • Click on the Start icon and go to the settings
  • Just scroll down the bottom of the devices settings pages and click Devices and Printers in the Related Settings section
  • Once the Printers & Scanners page appears, Windows will scavenge the network looking for printers. Any printers available in your system will be listed.
  • Now click add device. The wizard will be copied to your computer and the real printer driver. 

How to uninstall HP Printer Assistant Mac or Windows?

If you are using MAC or Windows, and facing issues due to HP printer assistant, then you can uninstall the same. Below are the steps to follow to uninstall HP Assistant-

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Click on the option of Programs &features.
  • A list of software installed in your computer appears up, click on HP Printer assistance or HP printer driver.
  • Uninstall the software on the screen

Steps to Install HP Printer Assistant

If you do not have HP printer assistant software on your system, then below are the steps-

  • Visit the official website of HP Printers
  • Go to the Supports
  • Under section, check for the HP printer drivers
  • If you have, the account then sign in, if not then create an account
  • Click on the printer icon and you will be directed to the next page.
  • In the field of Enter your product name, type your HP printer model number and name and submit.
  • You will get the HP printer driver developed specifically for your printer.
  • Click on it to install the software.
  • Once the installation of HP Printer assistance software on Windows 10 completed, you can restart your computer and connect it with the printer. 

Connect with the experts

In case, you find hard installing the HP printer assistant software then do connect with the experts. The expert will help the incomplete processes of installation and uninstallation of the software.