How To Recover A Corrupted SD Card

If the SD card is repairable, it can be fixed by a sequence of steps. Malfunctioning may have caused the data to become corrupted. To make your memory card safe and reusable, you should follow these simple steps:

 Fixing a corrupted SD card by using the recovery option

  1. First of all, stop using your corrupted memory card if your camera reflects a message like “Card Error,” “Read Error,” or this type of warning. In this case, get your camera off and instantly remove your SD card. If you continue to use this corrupted card,  it will lead to more damage.
  2. You can recover the data of your defected SD card. There are many sites that provide free file recovery program options. Some of these are given here:
  3. Recuva- It will detect your hard drive ( here Memory card) malfunctioning item and then clean them in the background.
  4. CardRecovery- It will also detect any attached corrupted file after you set it up briefly. In case your trial period is over, you have to pay the website for further service of Card Recovery option.
  5. Photo Rec- It is beneficial for freshers to recover their SD card because it works on a good interface. It needs a primary understanding of handling the Command Prompt program.
  6. To open your recovery program homepage, go to the recovery program site. Download the program and then click twice on it to install its setup. In this process, the position of the download tab will differ from one site to another. If it not visible, check on the top of your website screen.
  7. Insert the SD card into your computer. In the case of a laptop, the memory slot is found on either side of the device. In the desktop computer, it will be on the front portion of the CPU box. 
  8. In case you don’t have the memory card slot mounted in your system. Then you have another option to purchase a memory card reader that will attach to the USB slot of your computer.
  9. You have to give your consent to connect your SD card into your system.
  10. Now launch the file recovery program that you have downloaded earlier.
  11. Select the SD card option for scanning the data. Then you have to choose the “Photos” tab under the scan criteria of data recovery program before the successful scanning of your memory card. When the scanning is done, most of the programs will provide you the choice of exporting or restoring your data to your desired section or location.

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