How to Print Routes on Google Maps

It looks useless, you’re thinking why you need to print directions or routes. If you’re going to a place where the network isn’t guaranteed, then having printed routes and map becomes helpful as at least they will guide you for your travel. So, if you’re not sure about the internet and network quality of a place, then it’s good to take a backup-printed route.


Here is how to print routes on Google Maps

You can print directions on your Windows as well as Mac computer. You need to open Google Maps on your computer, “” is the link of Google Maps.

1.    Navigate to the ‘Google Maps’ website. (use above link)

2.    Click on the ‘Directions’ icon next to the search box.

3.    Enter the address from where you’re starting your journey. You can also choose a start point from the map.

4.    Then enter or choose the destination.

5.    And, hit ‘Enter’ to start searching for the best route.

6.    You’ll get some routes option, select one.

7.    Then click on the ‘Print’ icon at the top-right corner of the route menu.

8.    Select an option, either “Print including maps” or “Print text only.”

9.    Hit the above blue ‘Print’ button.

10. Select your printer.

Printer menu will vary with the operating system and browsers.

•    First, connect your printer with your computer if it is not.

•    Check the available printers list.

•    And click a printer to select.

You can also save a PDF file of the map you’re printing, click on ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Print to PDF’ to save the PDF.

11. Check and alter the print settings.

•    Color: Check and select the color in which you want to print. Select “Black & White” or “Color.”

•    No. of Copies: select the number of copies you want to print.

•    Layout: For a large area map, select ‘Landscape.’

12. Hit the ‘Print’ button.

That’s it! Your printed route is coming with your selected color and layout.

How to resize and reposition the map

Make sure to keep your route inside the screen because it will only print the things that will appear on the screen. So, try to make your route looks clear and within the display. Here is how to resize and reposition map.

•    Click the [+] button to zoom in.

•    Click and hold on the map and move it to reposition.

•    Click the [-] button to zoom out.

How much you zoom in the map, you’ll see more details about the location. After setting the route within the screen, you can print it.

How to open the Print option menu

The process of opening the printing menu varies with the browsers. Therefore, the operating system’s print command is the best and effective method to jump to the printing menu.

•    On a Windows computer: Tap ‘Ctrl + P’ key on your keyboard.

•    On Mac: Tap ‘Command + P’ key on your keyboard.

•    And click the blue color ‘Print’ button to launch the print menu.

To open the print menu with a browser:

In Google Chrome:

I.    Click the ‘More’ button.

II.    Select ‘Print.’

In Safari:

I.    Click ‘File’ in the menu bar.

II.    Select ‘Print.’

In Firefox:

I.    Click the ‘Hamburger’ button.

II.    And select ‘Print.’

In Microsoft Explorer:

I.    Click the ‘More’ button.

II.    Select ‘Print.’

In Internet Explorer:

I.    Click the ‘Cog’ icon.

II.    Select ‘Print.’

III.    Confirm with ‘Print,’ when asked.

That’s it! You’re in.

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