How do i Setup My Canon Printer Wirelessly?

It is the most popular printing used all over the world. They provide the best printing quality for printing high-quality photos. Canon printers are cost-effective and are available at affordable prices. It is very simple and easy to download and install the setup for the Canon printer. They are available with new features and technology. You can connect your Canon printer by USB cables or without wire also. 

How to setup Canon printer wirelessly

To set up the Canon printer you need to follow the following steps given below

  1. Connect the Canon printer to the power socket and turn the printer on and check the printer lamp gets on.
  2. For establishing the wireless connection, you will find the button on the printer which will help you establish a wireless connection. Search for the button on the printer and press the wireless button.
  3. Hold the button until the light does not blink next to the wireless button on the printer. Press the button continuously and keep hold on it until the light blinks once. Once the light starts blinking your wireless connection will start.
  4. Find whether the light turns blue next to the wireless button or not.
  5. After that, you need to check whether one end of the router is properly connected to the power socket and another end to your computer system or not.
  6. After that, press and keep a hold on the WPS button of the router once you see the blue light blinks for establishing wireless connection.
  7. Now, the printer blue light will continuously blink to search for the available network within the printer’s range.
  8. After that, at some point, the light on the lamp will stop blinking but make sure they remain lit up. During this step, the Canon printer will try to connect to the available network within the range.
  9. Once, the Canon printer connects to the available network, you can check whether the printer is connected to the right network or not.
  10. The Canon printer will print the sheet with the network details such as SSID.

How to setup Canon printer wirelessly for Mac

It is very easy and simple to install and set up the Canon printer for your Mac system. Follow these simple steps given below to set up the Canon printer wirelessly.

  1. Check whether the printer is blinking or not. If the printer’s light is blinking stop the light by tapping on the stop button.
  2. Now, you need to press and keep a hold on the direct button so that the printer settings option can be displayed in front of you.
  3. After tapping the direct button the printer automatically searches for the wireless connection and enter the wireless connect mode.
  4. Now you can either enter the Cd which is provided to you along with the Canon printer for the installation procedure or you can even choose the downloading the setup from the official website of the Canon printer which is
  5. Once, you are done with downloading the software from the website the next step is to click on the setup option and enter your system details and continue.
  6. Now connect your computer system to the printer by clicking on ‘connect the printer to the Mac pc’ option.
  7. While installing the setup on your system there will be some dialog box appears with some warning click on ‘agree and download’.
  8. Now, visit the file where you have downloaded the file and get started with installing the setup for the Canon printer. 
  9. Click on ‘open’ so that the installation process could begin and enter the password for the printer and continue.
  10. Now, you have to wait for a few minutes as it will take some time to install the Canon printer setup.
  11. Once, the setup gets installed properly on your system click on ‘agree’ terms and conditions and select the name of the network which is suitable to you or you want your printer to connect with.
  12. After the installation of the setup gets completed the system will run some troubleshooting methods and the setup will then get completed.

There are different models of Canon printers are also available with new technology and features. They provide the most compatible and efficient printers.

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