And Enter Code at HbOGO/Activate

Every subscriber essentially has to complete the HBOGo.Com/Activate process to reap the expected benefits. It is very necessary for enjoying favorite content over compatible devices. It is important for you to know that HBO (Home Box Office) always brings the latest shows and movies to esteemed subscribers. So, you can kill the monotony of life with mesmerizing pictures and immersing the sound of the latest media. It is a simple exercise to complete. Thus, you never need to stray here or there to meet the expectations.

Follow the below-mentioned points to activate your device for HBO Go.

  • Download HBO GO app from the
  • Complete installation process
  • Activate Your Device for HBO GO
  • Receive activation code
  • Select Spectrum
  • Enter activation code
  • Click activate
  • You will receive a message on TV and browser

The above-given points for HBO Go Com Activate exercise certainly help each and everyone with similar standards. In case, you face any kind of issue because you have forgotten the password then keep calm. Next, we are providing a detailed exercise to overcome the forgot password blues. You just need to follow two easy steps to become the proud beneficiary with a smooth HBO Go Com Activate process. Sincere and dedicated technicians themselves look after your solicitation.

Two easy to follow steps are:

  • If you have a VPN connection or web proxy then try with disabling. (Make sure your IP address is not blocked)
  • Drop email at if you get the service area message

Your device and HBO Go are undoubtedly two technical conveniences. It simply means there must be proper compatibility between both these technical conveniences. So that, you can enjoy hindrance-free entertainment with timely HBO Go Com Activate exercise. You also have to follow specific steps for a particular device. Here, we are providing detailed information for easy activation regarding popular gadgets. ​

Apple TV: This high-end device definitely helps to witness the best of mesmerizing entertainment.

  • Open HBO GO
  • Click “Connect your provider account”
  • Follow on-screen instructions to activate
  • Access or scan QR code displayed on the screen
  • If you activate through activation URL, enter code displayed on the screen to continue
  • Choose TV provider, enter username and password for a TV provider account

Android: Android running gadget is smoothest and easiest to use. Therefore, you never face any kind of problem while activating Android running devices.

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search HBO Go
  • Tap HBO GO
  • Install
  • Open HBO Go app
  • Tap Menu
  • Tap Sign In
  • Tap television service provider

Chromecast: It is one of the finest technical conveniences provided by Google. Use with full confidence to delight yourself.

  • Turn on the TV (Please ensure Chromecast is properly set up & plugged in)
  • Open HBO GO
  • Sign In (if needed)
  • Start streaming media
  • Tap Google Cast button
  • Choose device
  • Begin entertainment

iOS: According to the leading technicians, iOS running gadgets are most trust able to entertain in a mesmerizing manner.

  • The open app store on iOS running device
  • Download HBO Go
  • Open app
  • Select TV provider
  • Type login/password information
  • Sign in to HBO Go account
  • Stream favorite content

Kindle: Use this awesome product with full confidence. Its performance will surely delight in a unique way.

  • Tap Shop on Home screen of Kindle
  • Tap Apps
  • Tap Search
  • Type HBO GO
  • Tap HBO GO
  • Tap Get

Samsung Smart TV: Never doubt the performance of this brand on any term. It is the most credible viewing product available in the market.

  • Open HBO GO on screen
  • Select “Connect your provider account”
  • Follow instructions on Samsung TV screen
  • Explore or scan QR code with mobile phone
  • You have to enter the activation code if activating through the activation URL.
  • Make a selection for TV provider
  • Enter username and password for a TV provider account

LG Smart TV: Subscribers can confidently depend upon this gadget. It never let compromise upon any term as far as mesmerizing entertainment is concerned.

  • Access HBO GO app on LG TV
  • Select “Connect your provider account”
  • Follow the screen prompts to activate LG TV
  • Go to or activate by scanning QR code with mobile phone
  • Enter the activation code while activating through URL. (QR code scanning is also an option)
  • Choose a TV provider and enter user ID and password for a TV provider account

Vizio Smart TV: Go for this product without any hesitation. This approach will definitely delight in a wonderful manner.

  • Search HBO GO app on Vizio TV
  • Click “Connect your provider account”
  • Carefully follow the instructions
  • Log in to hbogo/activate or scan QR code displayed on the TV screen with mobile
  • Activation through URL is also possible while providing the activation code. According to your choice, you can also scan the QR code for the same
  • Select TV provider
  • Enter username and password for a TV provider account

Sony Smart TV: This brand undoubtedly offers the best televisions all across the world. Use now to satisfy your visionary senses.

  • Find HBO GO app on Sony TV
  • Click “Connect your provider account”
  • Follow instructions
  • Visit or scan QR code
  • Use the activation URL to enter a unique code.
  • QR code scanning is also an option to activate
  • Choose a TV provider
  • Enter username-password for a TV provider account

MI Smart TV: It is the most trusted brand to rely upon. It simply means your approach to depend upon this television will definitely help to meet the expectations of true entertainment.

  • Open HBO GO app on MI TV
  • Tap “Connect your provider account”
  • Follow instructions (Shown on your smart TV)
  • Use computer or mobile phone to access
  • QR code scanning is also an option
  • Reach activation URL
  • Enter code displayed on TV screen
  • You can also activate with the QR code
  • Choose TV provider
  • Enter username & password for TV provider account

MS Windows: HBO Go is MS Windows compatible convenience. Therefore, you will never face any kind of problem during the exercise.

  • Click Sign In
  • Select TV provider
  • Sign In to TV provider
  • Create HBO Go ID
  • Enter email ID and zip code
  • Click Save

Xbox: This popular gaming console can be used easily to stream awesome-quality pictures through HBO Go.

  • Go to
  • Select Xbox
  • Hit Continue
  • Choose TV provider
  • Enter username and password
  • Type activation code on Activate a Device screen
  • Click on Activate Device

Roku: Roku Streaming Stick ideally proves compatible to HBO Go Com Activate exercise. Subscribers never face any kind of problem during the activation process.

  • Download HBO GO
  • Open HBO GO
  • Choose browse
  • Choose Sign In
  • Open web browser
  • Enter code that appears on TV screen
  • Choose Next
  • Choose TV provider

Fire Stick: Remain confident of activating Fire Stick for HBO Go. You can depend upon the below-mentioned points to help yourself.

  • Download and Install HBO Go
  • Open HBO Go app
  • Choose the option to activate the device to get the activation code
  • Reach HBOGO/activate on your computer.