How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202?

QuickBooks Error Code H202 – There are quite a few error codes related to error H202 and they share a somewhat similar cause and solution. This particular error may appear when users are trying to open their company file and this error prevents them from doing so.

Additionally, another situation where this error might appear is the multi-user environment especially if you are trying to work with a company file which is not located on your own computer. This error occurs if QuickBooks is trying to establish a connection to the company file but they are simply unable to do so because of many different reasons.


Make sure you follow the instructions presented in this article carefully in order to find out about a couple of useful methods for solving this problem.

What causes QuickBooks Error H202?

Some of the primary triggers of QuickBooks error code H202 include:

  1. QuickBooks Desktop is trying to establish a connection to the company file but can’t communicate with the server due to one of the following reasons:
    • Incorrect hosting configuration settings
    • A system firewall blocking incoming and outgoing communication
    • Damaged or wrong DNS settings
    • QuickBooks is unable to get the IP address of the host system or server hosting the company file
  2. Some internal QuickBooks services like QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor aren’t running yet
  3. Some internal QuickBooks services like QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor aren’t running yet
  4. QuickBooks Database Server Manager is damaged

Depending upon the exact cause of QuickBooks error code H202, there could be several solutions to the error, as presented in the following section.

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How to Solve QuickBooks Error Code H202

[Note]: There are several solutions to resolve QuickBooks H202 error. For optimum results, perform the solutions in the following order.

Solution 1: Test network connectivity

  1. Turn to host off on all workstations
  2. Ping the server name from your workstation
  3. Enter ping[servername], and press Enter key

If you detect packet loss or slow reply, it means the network needs to be repaired. In that case, proceed to Solution #2.

Solution 2: Use the Network Diagnostic Tool

  1. Download and install the tool.
  2. Scan the folder where the data file is placed.
  3. Note down the number of IP addresses and Network Interfaces.
  4. In case the Firewall Status section has an Open Ports button, click the button to enable those ports for QuickBooks.
  5. Test for data file connectivity
  6. Try opening your company data file.

If the QuickBooks Error Code Error H202 still persists, try adding the QuickBooks port to the list of exceptions in the Windows Firewall.

Solution 3: Add your server to Windows Host file

  1. Open the windows hosts file on the computer wherein the error is appearing.
    • (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\) using Notepad.
    • Open Notepad as Admin, if needed.
  2. Place the insertion point after the last IP address and type the server’s IP address.
  3. Press the TAB key once, and type the server name.
  4. From the File menu, choose Save. Then, press Exit.
  5. Try opening the company file.

Solution 4: Create a new folder for your company file

  1. On the hosting computer create a new folder.
  2. Share the folder and set up folder and Windows access permissions to share company files
  3. Copy the QuickBooks Database (QBW) file to the new folder
  4. Open your company file in multi-user mode again

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Solution 5: Set hosting to local files

  1. Launch QuickBooks and press F2 to open the Product Information screen
  2. In the lower left, below Local Server Information, select Hosting to reflect ‘local files only’
  3. Ensure that no other client system is trying to host the same company file

Solution 6: Restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  1. Launch Windows Run dialog and type services.msc. Click OK
  2. Right-click QuickBooksDB19 (2009), QuickBooksDB18 (2008) or QuickBooksDB17 (2007) and select Stop
  3. Right-click and select Start. Then close the window
  4. Display extensions for known file types
  5. Right-click the Windows Start button and select Explore -> Tools -> Folder Options
  6. Click the View tab and clear ‘Hide extensions’ for the “known file types” box
  7. Again click the View tab and select Show hidden files and folders, clear the ‘Hide protected operating system files’ box
  8. Click ‘Yes’ on the warning and OK
  9. Close Windows Explorer

Solution 7: Delete and recreate them.ND file

  1. In Windows search, type *.ND and hit Enter
  2. In the Results window, right-click on them.ND file and click on ‘Delete’
  3. Confirm deletion when prompted
  4. Now click the Windows Start button
  5. Select All Programs -> QuickBooks -> QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  6. Click the ‘Scan Folder’ tab
  7. Click the ‘Add Folder’ button and then browse to the company file folder
  8. Select the company file and click the OK button. The path to the company file is in the Folders with QuickBooks company files field
  9. Click ‘Scan’ to start the scanning process
  10. After the scan is complete, click Close

Solution 8: Use QuickBooks Repair Software 

If even after following all the above solutions you’re unable to get rid of error code H202 in QuickBooks, it means your company file is badly damaged and needs immediate repair. Thus without wasting any more time, download Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software and use it to remove all the errors from the company file and your QuickBooks application at once.

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