How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6123?

QuickBooks Error 6123 – The QuickBooks is used worldwide for business accounting management. This software is the perfect solution for account tracking and management in small businesses. If you are using the QuickBooks for your business, you can face many issues like any other software. One issue that can occur in the QuickBooks is QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 (series of QuickBooks 6000 error code). This error message can occur in any version of the QuickBooks and in the system of any user.

If you are facing the QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 then the system will show a message ” Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost”. This error message can occur because of the following reasons in QuickBooks:

  • When the network connection is corrupted with the host computer.
  • When you use the firewall and its settings prevent your QuickBooks files from accessing the necessary ports.
  • If the data or program files of your QuickBooks are damaged or have any error.
  • If the computer name has been changed where the data file is hosted. If it is changed while hosting was running in the system.
  • If you are using the McAfee Privacy Service and the Block Web Bugs filter option is selected in this software. This filter option of McAfee conflicts with QuickBooks.
  • When you are trying to restore a backup file directly from the flash drive to the local hard drive.
  • If the company files of your QuickBooks is damaged.
  • If there is any damage or error to the windows user.

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These are the common reasons which can cause QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 in your QuickBooks. You can resolve this error by using the following solutions:

  1. Update the QuickBooks: You should update the QuickBooks to the latest version of the software. The latest versions come with the fix to errors.
  2. Copy backup file to your system: You should not directly choose to restore the data file from removable disk. You should copy the backup file to your system and then choose the restore option from the Quickbooks software. Then you can copy the restored file to the network location.
  3. Run rebuild and verify on the original file: You have to open the original file and then go to the File > Utilities > Rebuild Data and after the completion of rebuilding you will choose to verify the data. If the verification is failed, you have to use the rebuild data recovery. Then you should create the backup of the file to the desktop to use it.
  4. Create a portable company file: You should create a portable company file from the original file. You will go to the option of file > create > company portable file. then you can use this portable file to restore the data instead of the original file.

So you can resolve the QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 issue by using all these solutions. You can try these solutions otherwise you can contact QuickBooks error support staff for the remote help.

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