December 5, 2021

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Best application to protect kids from Cyberbullying

Cyber Bullying and its Kinds

A large number of teens are victims of Cyber Bullying on their cell phones or personal computers online. There are many kinds of Cyber bullying. The most common forms of Cyber bullying are Offensive Name-calling and false rumors spreading. Receiving explicit images is also online bullying. Questions asking about their location, what they are doing, who they are with other than parents. Physical threats are quite common in the online world. Having explicit images of them posted without their consent is also a form of Cyber harassment.

A study shows that 59% of US teens have experienced one of the six kinds of Cyber bullying online. The aftermath of cyber bullying is very destructive. Children who have experienced cyber bullying can develop psychological fears. They can have a destructive impact on their personalities. All this evil is happening online through cell phones and computers. Parents do not have an idea about this due to the closed doors of the online world. Teenage children are not comfortable sharing their privacy. A spying app is the best choice to counter these threats. Parents must have a digital mechanism to track the child’s affairs on his phone and online world. The immature and hesitant child might get into bigger trouble if parents do not take any precautionary measures. It is the parents who ensure the safety and well-being of their children.

A cell phone tracking app provides the parents a genuine resource to protect their children from Cyber bullying. On one hand, the children can be the victim of Cyber bullying but they are reluctant to compromise their privacy. So a mobile spying app is the best option for parents to tackle the issue. Many spying apps are available in the online market offering different features. OgyMogy app is one of these monitoring apps which prove it reliable and effective.

Tools for protection from Cyber Bullying.

            OgyMogy app offers a variety of tools to protect children from cyber bullying. A few of features are:

Social Media Monitoring.

            Most of the cases of Cyber bullying are happening through social media platforms. OgyMogy       app covers all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Whatsapp.    Other social media platforms such as Viber, Hangout, Kik and Telegram are also in its coverage. It tracks the data and sends this data to an online web portal. Parents can access the data in the web portal anytime.

GPS tracker.

            Location tracking is one of the advanced features which tracks the location of the target cell phone. Moreover, parents can restrict the movement of the children by defining restricted zones. They get an email notification when there is a movement breach.

Screen Monitoring.

            Screen monitoring is a tool to record the actions performed on the phone. As the name defines      itself, I make videos of the screen. Every tap, every application open, every message typed is in    record and sent to web portal. In this way, parents can check the activities of the child without their knowledge.

Other than these, there are more exciting and useful tools to counter Cyber Bullying. Monitoring of screen time is also a valuable resource for parents. Thanks to OgyMogy app which facilitates the parents to enable them to do so. Other services which OgyMogy app can watch are Call logs, SMS, contacts, browsing history and Gmail. The good thing in OgyMogy app is that it also gives some control features for immediate actions. Parents can block certain apps, contacts, restrict websites and stop internet access to the target phone.

The online dashboard is a plug-and-play kind of platform which keeps the users posted about the target phone’s activities. User can download the app from its official website. The payment options are quite affordable. The user gets an email containing information for installation and operational instructions. By following these simple instructions, users can start monitoring the target phone.

Combining all these spectacular tools of OgyMogy app makes a complete package for parents. With the help of monitoring application, parents can become the shield for the children against online bullying. In this way they can provide their children with a defensive layer against online harassment. Furthermore, they provide their children with a safer online environment.