October 16, 2021

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Attractions Of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

You are planning an amazing day and night tour with your family in the desert of Abu Dhabi city. 

You will experience a lot of thrilling and entertainment activities that will enhance your visiting wish. Desert safari is a most astonishing and fabulous tourism place in Abu Dhabi. Desert safari’s amazing activities and the wide-area sandy area will give you an outstanding and remember able experience throughout your life. You can make a lot of memories by clicking photographs of different adventures and the sunset view will fill up your camera’s memory. Attractions of desert safari are listed below:

1- Morning desert safari

Enjoy sunrise Morning in desert safari Abu Dhabi will give you the most spectacle and imagining view at the time of the rising sun. Visitors like to catch this moment in their cameras.

Take a great adventure on dune bashing

 It will be a very astonishing moment to visit a desert safari with red dune bashing. This scene makes your morning thrilling and full of adventure.

Explore the desert on a camel

You can take a large ride on a camel and get an overview of the desert. It will be a very enjoyable moment to ride the camel with your loving ones and make lovely memories of your journey.

Like to play on the sand with ski

Desert safari Abu Dhabi deals also include sand skiing, which is a very amazing activity for the sports lover. Youngsters like to play sand skiing full of explores.

Take a thrilling ride of Quad biking

There is an amazing deal for quad bikers to explore the desert of Abu Dhabi with their great passion. Many young girls and boys take a quad biking ride in the morning time as the sun is almost cool at that time.

2- Evening desert safari

Catch the scene of sunset

In evening time a lot of people come here as its time to of their duties. They like to see the sunset scene and seize this scene in their androids, to upload on their social media account. The sunset view in red sand enhances the beauty of desert safari.

3- Overnight safari

Enjoy dinner and BBQ at night

Overnight desert safari Abu Dhabi deals are very amazing in terms of food. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in front of BBQ and dinner tables. People like to eat much after a long visit to desert safari.

Late-night dune bashing

Some visitors also like late-night dune bashing because at day time there is a lot of hotness in the environment. Dune bashing at night time is a very outclass desert safari Abu Dhabi deals.

Romantic dinner of couples

A newly married couple comes here to spend time with each other and take advantage of a romantic dinner under the open sky and sparkling stars.