October 19, 2021

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6 Gorgeous Ladies Who Looked Dazzling in Sharara Dress

Gharara suit and Sharara dress

Gharara Choli or Sharara dress, the new Saree alternatives, are back in the trends, and yet they are as cool as before. 

For us fashionistas, what feeds us the best? A beloved celebrity donned up in gorgeous ethnic wear? A colorful, fashionable yet modern lehenga from Libas e Jamila’s collection? Or maybe, them both? 

Sharara Dress and Gharara Cholis have been an integral part of many Indian and Pakistani functions. Be it matrimonial events, festivals, or wedding trousseau, Gharara Cholis and Sharara Suits will never be left out. However, for a year or two, weddings have become much intimate and private. As much as we enjoyed going for hours-long shopping, it is now quite unfortunate for the people tying the knot amid the pandemic. The current situation does not allow us to step out in public for much longer hours and risk getting isolated for weeks. Who would want to miss the wedding of a BFF or a beloved cousin? Definitely, not you. 

Style Your Outfit Perfect For An Intimate Wedding!

Think of one question that keeps bugging you when you go out to shop for a favorite cousin’s wedding? Yes, the one heck of a headache question, “What to wear?”

And the headache does not end here. There are a million questions following the one that feels like a lump in your throat. What look should I opt for? Eastern or Western? Black or Colorful? Sharara Suit, Lahenga or Saree? Should I even go? And yet, we have a series of endless questions that have answers hard to find. Almost impossible. And what makes it even worse is the fact that it has only started

As much as we adore Sarees, the idea of wearing and handling a Saree all night does leave a sour — almost bitter — taste in our mouths. And besides that, standing out from the rest of the crowd would need a little more than just a Saree look. And here is when you need to take that Kurta with a toe-length Sharara out of your wardrobe to opt for something more traditional yet trendy. 

Ever since the Covid-19 peaked at its highest, the wedding ceremonies have become small and intimate. With over 30 or 50 maximum guests invited to the lists, fashion is not much you will see. Nevertheless, this should not take away your excitement and eagerness to slay the stage, even around only 30-50 people. You should always stand out the most and make heads turn in your direction wherever you walk. 

Here is why we have listed down our favorite and easiest looks of Gharara Choli to help you style your outfit. 

6 Easy Looks That You Can Opt For Your BFF’s Wedding

What makes a Sharara dress easier to handle than Sarees? Part of a reason is that, unlike Sarees, a Sharara dress is a three-piece suit, each worn separately with no assembling and attaching in between the bottom or Kurti. Besides that, the Dupatta can be excluded from the dress if it is really not your thing. Or else, draping it to the side is always an open option for you. 

Alia Bhatt and Sonakshi Senha Said NO To the Dupatta

Much like how Alia Bhatt and Sonakshi Senha have worn the Sharara suit UK, wearing it on the shoulder, giving it a jacket style, chic look!


Alia’s look can be perfect attire for a Sangeet or Mehendi event. This floor-length, festive yellow look on Alia Bhatt gave more than just summer vibes to us. 

Alia Bhatt in sharara dress

Lavender and Pearl

This look on Hania Amir is, by far, the most enchanting one. She looked like a barbie, straight out from a Disney movie in this Lavender, flour-length Lahenga. The blouse was slightly shorter than the usual length, exposing a little bit of skin from the abdomen. Moreover, it has golden stonework on the sleeves, neck, and bottom. 

Lavender and Pearl sharara suit UK

The Sharara pants have mirror and stonework done immaculately on them. Overall, this whole look is just alluring

Wear it Like a Jacket

If you are a fan of pastel colors or prefer light colors over bright ones, then this Aditi Rao’s look will be the answer to your many questions. Paired with a plain white crop-top and bottom with big flares, she added more to her look by wearing the almost-identical Dupatta to the bottom like a jacket. Aditi completed her look with soft, pink makeup and a Diva pose!

Wear it As it Has Never Yet Worn Before

Are you a big fan of colors? Or, are you OK with going crazy with the colors, designs, and style of the Sharara dress and yet maintain its purity and look? If so, then this look by Sonia Hussain is only for you. 

Sonia’s blouse is short, tight-fitted — almost giving it a crop-top look. The festive yellow color goes perfect with berry-denim blue Sharara bottom. The highlights of this pure shock are the sleeves, tight by the arms, and in loose floral by the ends. 

Red Like My Blush

Are you in search of a perfect in-combo Saree and Sharara style look to opt for this wedding? Then we are pleased to show this red Sharara-Saree look by none other than the fashion diva herself — Katrina Kaif.  

red like my blush

Katrina did go ‘experimental’ with her look, and truthfully, she turned heads with her most basic yet fashionable attire.