5 Effective Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Search Problems

Fix Windows 10 Search Problems – It is really frustrating when you find your Windows 10 search is not working, especially when you depend on Cortana a lot. This issue becomes more annoying when you aren’t able to find anything with your Windows search option also. Try these five simple and basic solutions. This will definitely help you to repair your Windows 10 Search problem.

The solutions are:

1.    Run the Windows Troubleshooter.

2.    Restart the Windows Search service.

3.    Stop the Third-Party Antivirus Program and start Windows Firewall.

4.    Restart or Reregister Cortana.

5.    Restart Windows Explorer.

Before going ahead to use the above solutions, once try to ‘Restart’ your computer. Many times a simple Restarting will be the cure for many small and big issues. So, restart your computer once if it will not work then employ the above solutions.

  • Run the Windows Troubleshooter

Running troubleshooting is an effortless and working method, sometimes this might not be the most effective method, but you should try it first before other solutions.

1.    Press the ‘Start’ button.

2.    Scroll to the ‘Windows System folder’.

3.    And open ‘Control Panel’.

4.    Change control panel view to ‘Large icons’.

5.    Then click on ‘Troubleshooting’.

6.    Now, select ‘System and Security’.

7.    And then click on ‘Search and Indexing’ under “Windows”.

8.    Click on the ‘Next’ button in the Troubleshoot window.

9.    Select the Problem you’re facing while searching by checking the box. Check the box before ‘Files don’t appear in search results’.

10.    And click ‘Next’ button to start troubleshooting.

Windows troubleshooter starts searching for the problem, it automatically detects the problem and tries to Fix Windows 10 Search Problems. Now, try searching to check if the problem is gone.

  • Restart Windows Search Service

1.    Press ‘Windows and R’ keys to start the ‘Run’ box.

2.    Enter ‘services.msc’ into the run box.

3.    And hit ‘Enter’.

4.    Scroll down and find ‘Windows Search’ in opened Window. Check ‘Windows Search’ status it is running or not. If not, then you need to restart it.

5.    Right click on ‘Windows Search’.

6.    And select ‘Properties’.

7.    Click the ‘Start’ button into the properties window.

8.    Also click the ‘Startup type:’ drop-down box and select ‘Automatic’ or ‘Automatic (Delayed Start)’ from the drop-down menu.

9.    After doing this, click the ‘OK’ button.

Now, start the service again and check the status of ‘Windows Search’ into the status column it shows running.

  • Stop the Third-Party Antivirus Program and start the Windows Firewall

Several third-party applications prevent working of some programs of your computer this may also affect Windows Search service. Stopping third-party programs may Fix Windows 10 Search Problems. Uninstall or disable the third-party antivirus program installed on your computer.

Now, enable the Windows Firewall and check for the problem.

  • Restart Cortana

1.    Right-click on the free space of the taskbar.

2.    Select ‘Task Manager’ to open it.

3.    Into the ‘Task Manager’ window under the Processes tab find ‘Cortana’.

4.    Click on ‘Cortana’.

5.    And hit ‘End Task’ button at the bottom right corner of the Task Manager window.

Doing this will restart the Cortana.  Now, try searching to check whether the problem is gone.

  • Restart Windows Explorer

1.    Use ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ keys together to Run task manager.

2.    Left Click on ‘More details’ button. It is at the bottom-left corner of the Task Manager window.

3.    Scroll down and find ‘Windows Explorer’.

4.    Now, right click on ‘Windows Explorer’ and then click ‘Restart’. Wait for a minute this will restart Window Explorer. Now check for the Searching problem is solved or not.

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